everyone you know someday (pre​-​release copy)

by killer whale

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Debut album from Killer Whale.


released June 15, 2017

All songs written and performed by Killer Whale

Recorded and produced by Rocket Science



all rights reserved


killer whale Glasgow, UK

Lyrical songs with a sentimental touch and an ambient groove.

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Track Name: Forgive Your Enemies
Really everyone's alone, so you're not alone
It's impossible to lose what can't be won

So forgive your enemies
Forgive your enemies
Forgive your enemies
For they know not what they've done

If you're looking for revenge, hold your hand
And if you're standing on a ledge, make a stand
If you among us are so pure, play god
If you among us suffer too, are likewise flawed
Forgive your enemies ...

And in a million spinning worlds, you'll find
Not another living animal, so be kind
The human-being in front of you
Is a damaged searching creature from a cruel and wondrous universe

You too are your own enemy
So forgive what you've done
It was either one or the other
Track Name: Something Like That
It was 5 in the morning
Sun was coming up
Gathered round the fire
Drinking special cups
Starting to tell of our loves, trials, revelations
And all those silent truths in our relations

I was speaking of my poems
Singing of my songs
Thinking of myself
Not a care for anyone
I asked the girl beside me if she'd ever heard the truth
She said, yes, in a different world, in my lost youth

All the people were laughing
As I turned to hear
She spoke of a past
Of addiction and fear
She spoke her tragedy of the needle and crime
She spoke of all she'd lost, a child, a lifetime

Yeah something like that could really make a good man bad
And something like that could really save a sinner
Yeah something like that or something like that

We talked of it a while
I didn't ask for details
I could not pretend
That I know how it feels
She said that it's over now, she's a musician
And she helps save other folk from their afflictions

My own luck in life
Is just serendipity
I didn't deserve it
I didn't earn to be free
I was lucky to learn, grow, and be cared for
It is lucky to have a sense of being cared for
I got to looking round
All the happy strangers
The freedom of the morning
No distant dangers
And I thought of all the trapped lives unawakened
As they slept in the cold beds of their prisons

Maybe they are quite right
Perhaps it's not my place
For mostly folk that I've loved
Have been reprobates
Sinners portrayed in works of great writers
Music makers, dreamers, freedom fighters

Yeah something like that could really make a good man bad
And something like that could really save a sinner
Yeah something like that could really save a sinner man
Something like that, or something like that
Track Name: Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis

The spring thaw reveals
Her naked body
Like a sculpture in ice
A snowy mountain
Out on the ocean
Glows in the night
O what a sight

Aurora Borealis
No quilted blanket
To keeps her cold at night
Under Northern Lights
The Northern Lights

In Arctic seas she dwells
Slowly melting
Softly drifting away
When she broke free
From the ice shelf
I thought she would sink
Into herself

Aurora Borealis ...

Now that you’ve broke free
Lady Iceberg
Don’t you miss the geese migrating?
In the winter
Frozen together
Don’t you need something to cling to in the storm?
Like a quilted blanket
To keep you warm at night
Under Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Track Name: Our Father
Our father
Our heaven
Our mother
Our children
All buried in sacred ground
(Consecrate the burial mound)
(Drown the ashes in the sound)

Out on the island
Where the whales blow
At the solstice
Where we danced at dawn
Our descendants
Haunt the darkness
Of the winter winds

We're all searching for something
To believe in
Do you already believe
In what you are?
We're all ready to see
What’s in our hearts
But for the dark (before the dark)
Track Name: Lampedusa
I had a dream I had a brother
He was older than I could know
His house burnt down
The homeless wanderer
Set sail for the land of war and snow

I have a dream I have a sister
She looks to the north and prays
Squints in the sun
Of the Mediterranean
As she watches the glistening waves

They set sail on the death ships at dawn
They set sail on the ocean in the morning
To Canada
Or to Lampedusa
They set sail though not knowing if their returning

I had a dream I had a father
Who drowned before me in the waves
He took the risk
Though he could not swim
He could not fight as they took his armour away

I had a dream I had a mother
Who suffered the desert agony
She did not weep
For what she had lost
For there was enough salt in the sea

We set sail on the death ships at dawn
We set sail on the ocean in the morning
To Canada
Or to Lampedusa
We'll set sail with no knowing when we're returning

I see the flag of our old enemy
Fluttering like the waves of the sea
Their power's wide
Like the corpse-choked tide
Let's put an end to their history
Track Name: Women
You carry the weight
Of the world
In your wombs
Help your children
Grow into men
And women

In your breasts
Bury me
And share your strength
With me
I'm but a man
You make me more

Talk together
Of mysteries
And pain
With each other
Sharing cares
And laughter

You will keep the secret in your smiling eyes
Track Name: Human Dreaming
I watched the pale blue tear
Sink into the moon
I watched the atmosphere
Swirl like a mother's womb
Where every sailor drowned
Where every king was crowned
Where every lover discovered
How to hold on to another

I asked my friend Dr Sagan
As he died on his bed
Is it really all worth saving?
Or are we already dead?
He said listen
To the silence
To the sound
The wars
The violence
The anger
Of the crowd
The cancer
The patient
The screaming
In the wards
And through it all great migrations
Tiny seabirds stormbound
Sacred Statues standing
On the clifftops in the clouds

Human dreaming
Human longing
Baby crying
Baby sleeping
Human dreaming
Woman laughing
Children singing
Old man weeping at the words
Of a very old song
Track Name: Losing My Faith
I’m losing my faith
I’m losing my faith
My religion and my women
I’m losing my faith

This is my body
Broken for you
Take it and eat it
And when you do
Do it in love for me
Track Name: La Povertà
When you're hungry
And you cannot eat
When you're tired
And you cannot sleep
When you're injured
But you must not weep

When you're haunted
And you cannot scream
When you wake up
And you cannot dream
When you're trapped
And you can't get out

When you're cold
And you can't get dry
When you're dry
And you can't get drunk
When you're drunk
And you can't get up

Where you sit down
Where you won't be found
Where you won't beg
Coz you'll never beg
When you beg
Coz you have to beg

O o la povertà
Track Name: Prison Cell Vibes
I lie my head in my prison cell
I want to hate and I might as well
I lie my head in my prison cell
Think of the breasts of a warm wet girl

She lies by me imaginary
I stroke the flesh above her knee
She lies by me imaginary
Play with the hair of her soft pussy

I sing her the songs of Leonard Cohen
I sing them loud so the guards will hear them
I sing the songs of Leonard Cohen
Fill the captives with loss and longing

I bang the drum on graffitied walls
I hear the jangle as the guard's key calls
I bang the drum on graffitied walls
Put up a fight for what it solves

I lie here in my prison cell
With no sunshine for the time to tell
I lie here in my prison cell
The prison sleeps, this song’s a bell

Fuck the Queen and her Commonwealth
Flung in a dungeon like it's 1612
Track Name: Blessed
Do you feel to be truly blessed?
Do you see all your friends outside the bar?
Have you swum with your sons in the sea?
Have you tasted your wife's pasta recipe?
Do you feel to be truly happy?
Do you feel so happy in this life?

Sentirsi benedetto in questa vita qui
Hai visto tuoi amici al bar fuori?
Hai nuotato con tuoi figli al mare?
Hai provato la pasta di tua moglie?
Essere felice
Felice in questa vita che sei
Felice d'essere

To be warm
To sleep deeply
To laugh long
To make music
To have close ones
Who are needed
To be happy
To be